For some reason my neighbors drive me insane! Lately I find them all inconsiderate and obnoxious. I don’t want to be friends or even civil towards them…WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!? We have this yearly spring clean up thing, where you can put all the stuff you can’t fit in our trash can out on the curb and it will all be picked up. Which is great, but the people two doors down don’t understand the concept. They have emptied out what seems like their entire house and not on their curb but ours (there is a limit to how much you can put out) And on top of that the things they put out would be the equivalent of a normal person taking their normal weekly trash and dumping it on the sidewalk along with all their furniture. So I’m sure by tomorrow all of yards will be full of their trash-GREAT HUH?!?! Mo-mos! I don’t understand how this idea got so lost in the translation. I mean all they had to do was look around at everyone else’s curbs to see what was being put out. So generally the rule is if you can fit in your trash can -Put in it there for goodness sakes or atleast bag it up. The poor trash men are going to have a heck of time picking all the junk as it is and to add insult to injury it started to rain about an hour ago. Can you imagine the mess tomorrow?

The german's mount trashmore

Then there is my next door neighbor…just the fact that she exsists gets on my nerves. I feel bad because she’s really not a bad person, just your typical neighborhood busy body. She’s bossy and a big gossip. The kind of person that tells you her whole life in the first 5 minutes of knowing her…including things she just shouldn’t tell people. She has never done anything purposely to be rude. I guess maybe I’m just quiet and like to keep to myself, so I don’t appreciate someone knocking on my door 12 times a day for no reason(that was when we first moved in-not so much any more) But man we can’t go outside without getting swarmed by her and her kids. We can’t play in our own front yard, can’t wash our own cars, can’t do anything without being overtaken. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner in my own home. It sucks! It has gotten better here recently- with school being in we have a few hours free of the chaos.

Sorry for ranting…It’s just what’s on my mind. We did have a good weekend, A friend came over and we spent the day hanging out. It was great because this friend is the fiance of one of my husbands best friends. So first I’m happy that more girls are joining the group and two that the guys have such good taste in girls. She is very cool and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her. I feel very lucky that things have worked out the way they have…Ok so I refer to the guys as Evan’s friends but really I met them all at the same time and not through Evan so they are really my friends too (funny how complicated things get) But anyway I guess because I became his girlfriend so quickly I felt like I didn’t have a chance to really development friendships with them as me and not Evan’s girlfriend/wife. Then Evan and I got married so quickly and I’ve been the only wife for a long time…so I’m excited now that everyone seems to be settling down married or not these girls are going to be around for good…so I get to keep them ;p And on top of just having other girls around-they are really cool and fun to be around (not that I’m suprised all the guys are amazing men that would only attract amazing women) It’s just nice to know the people we will be spending time and going on trips with over the years are so great! It makes me feel good about the future…