Terri Schiavo passed away yesterday after 13 days of no food or water. It makes me so sad to think that she was left to die in that way. No one knows for sure how much she could feel so she could have been in a lot of pain the last days of her life. I don’t pretend to know everything about her situation because like everyone else I only know what the media tells me. I don’t understand how her Husband could let her die. As long as Evan wasn’t in pain I would do all I could to keep him alive and get him better. I mean even at the very base of things there is that selfish love, never wanting to let that person go. Especially to starve to death. Why couldn’t he have just divorced her and let her parents care for her? He had already moved on anyway, living with and having two children with another woman. The whole thing makes me sad, but I’m glad she is with God. She’s no longer trapped in a body that doesn’t completely work.