We spent the day outside :) It was amazingly gorgeous!! We started the day at the big park…with lots of kids Bub’s age. He was in heaven. Spent a bunch of time in the sandbox and a bunch of time throwing and chasing his little basket ball. There’s a vine covered -open in the middle- arboretum, it’s covered in these wonderful smelling purple flowers. I love walking around it because is smells so good…Bub loves it because of the concrete track around the center. He just throws and kicks his ball and we walk around and around a million times. Then we took an afternoon walk and ended up at another park. We used to frequent this park a lot but there are never any kids Bub’s age there, so we don’t go much any more. There are always the same two little boys there in the afternoon. I think they walk over from the elementary school near by and wait for their parents to pick them up. One of them is really fond of Bub. He always plays with him and tries to teach him things. Every time he sees us he tells me how much he wants a little brother. This afternoon he was sitting on a bench eating Burger King. Bub saw him and ran over and climbed up beside him nodding and smiling like he always does. The boy handed him some fries and he was slap happy…his big boy friend and fries-could life get any better! When the fries where gone the boy showed him how to climb up the monkey bars, which Bub did really well. He’s a quick learner I guess. I think Bub will sleep good tonight.