We got some good news yesterday…Lennox may not have Verbal Apraxia after all. He had a speech evaluation at a private speech therapy center, and they had a different diagnosis. Speech disfluency and stuttering, two things that are very fixable. No neurological disorder, no motor planning issues. I am hopeful but weary to be too much so. He starts with a new speech pathologist on Monday and I’m going to ask that she not go by our old IEP, I want her to evaluate him as well. I hope that she agrees with the private center and not his old speech therapist, and that she doesn’t come up with something completely different. If that happens I think I’ll cry. I’m just hoping with this opportunity to have him evaluated three different times that we’ll have a consistent diagnosis.

The girls have yet to spend an entire night in their room. I’m taking it slow, first working on getting them to sleep in there at all. The last two days they’ve gone down around 8 and stayed asleep until around or just after midnight. It’s not amazing, but pretty wonderful. Laying flat in my bed with no kids is a good feeling-even if only for an hour or two. I’m having a hard time with the middle of the night stuff. I’m already so tired; I don’t think I could function on any less sleep. So I give up and bring them to bed with us. That and I feel odd about leaving them in there all night. I’m so used to seeing their faces, it would just be weird. I’m sure I would get over it, but the idea of not seeing them so easily makes me nervous. If I start the process now they should be sleeping all night in their own beds by the time their weaned-right?! Good grief.