I love dressing my little girls. Pink heart covered oneies, frilly little pants. Pjs covered in purple flowers with lace collars and puffy sleeves. So many little details, and I haven’t even gotten to dresses. I have two beautiful little girls. They smile, and almost laugh. My little girls, I get to teach them so many things. I get to share everything I’ve learned as woman. I get to fix hair and dress baby dolls over and over. So many girlie things lie ahead for me, and I’m so excited. My girls have two big brothers that love them so much. They will grow together and care for each other. Their brothers will chase off the boys that come calling and they will chase off the girls. They will hate each other as much as they love each other. Theirs will be a close tight circle and ‘m going to cherish every minute I get to be in the middle of it.