Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We’re staying home and having a quiet dinner just the 6 of us-crazy just the 6 of us. Nothing fancy this year, just enough to call it Thanksgiving. This time last year the girls were just a twinkle in Ev’s eyes, and now they’re here. It’s still hard to believe we are family of 6. I love the idea that our holidays will always be crazy, full of loud chaos, and with 4 kids our family can only get larger in the years to come-girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, grandkids and so on. This year among the many things I am thankful for, high on the list is family-esp. the one Ev and I have made.

The girls had their 2 month check up last Friday. First round of shots, no fun, but they were troopers. Cuba grinned at the doc until about a second after he stuck the needle in and she realized it hurt. She wailed but only for a few minutes and was back to grinning before I put her clothes on. Cora is another story all together; she likes things a certain way and these shots were not remotely near that certain way. Although she didn’t cry as much as I thought she would. We were even able to hit up Target on the way home for some baby Motrin (just in case).

Outings are getting easier. The girls are big enough for the Bjorn, so I put one in the Bjorn and leave one her car seat. This makes it possible for me to use one cart and contain all the kids. Aidan sits in the basket and Lennox walks with me. It works pretty darn well and I’ve had one trip to the store when both girls wanted to be held and I was able to put one in the Bjorn, the other in the colic hold and pull the cart with my free hand. I rock! Life is definitely not as hard as I thought it would be, complicated but not difficult. I’m also blessed with two very good boys. They listen and are so well behaved in public. I am so thankful for that. We wouldn’t be able to do half the stuff we do if they weren’t such good boys. I rock and I’m lucky! It’s pretty cool to be me these days.

Hope every one has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Take a minute and look at all the things that make your life good, stop and smell the turkey err roses.