Life is moving quickly. My days blurring together, I need to start writing things down. Like did I feed the dog-Today?. Things are going well, we are making it. Everyone is clean and fed. We have clean clothes (even if they never make it to drawers), no dishes in the sink. I’ve been on the new diet for a week now and while it is hard, it has also made a good difference in Cora. She is sleeping for longer periods of time on her own and actually has quiet alert time. There is still a good bit of crying coming from both of them. I’m thinking it’s just what they do now and soon it will be over. Some days are good and some days aren’t. I’m getting used to playing it by ear and living minute to minute.

The girls are starting to coo and really take things in. It pulls at my heart strings when I look down and see Cora or Cuba exploring the details of my face. They’re also getting more control over their limbs and will hold my fingers or shirt when they nurse or when I hold them. I have to be careful how I lay them together because if any thing gets to close to either mouth they will try and nurse. Even on my lap when I’m getting them set up- one will almost always end up trying to latch on to the other’s head or face.

I had my first outing with all the kids a lone. Thank goodness for Target. They have these awesome carts that have two kid size seats on the front(I’m sure you’ve seen them). I was able to fit both the girls in their car seats in the cart and then the boys in those seats. Weeehaaa-everyone secured and happy. We can’t buy much but for little in between trips this will work just fine. I wish every store had those carts.
Lennox had another field trip yesterday. There aren’t any real pumpkin patches close enough for a school full of 3 and 4 year olds to go to, so they set one up at a near by park. Aidan and I helped unload and set out the pumpkins. I also got to talk to a few other moms for few minutes. I’ve been looking forward to that part of Lennox going to preschool. The kids got to pick pumpkins and decorate them. Lennox was so proud of his pumpkin and I guess they discussed carving them because when he came home he was extremely eager to do so. Ev helped him and they did an excellent job. Lennox wanted nothing to do with cleaning out the pumpkin, he stuck his hand in and promptly went to wash his hands. He likes to be clean. We also tried to introduce the boys to the deliciousness of pumpkin seeds but they wanted nothing to do with them either. Holidays keep getting better each year with the more they understand. I thought Halloween was fun last year , but this year’s going to be even better. Lennox is going to be Spiderman and Aidan Superman. You haven’t anything cute till you hear Aidan say Superman. The girls are going to be themselves for Halloween this year because there aren’t really any costumes to that fit them. We may make them some Halloween onesies with iron-ons (playing that ear).

I made the girls birth announcements we just have to get them printed. I have no idea when that will be. You get at least a two month grace period with twins right?!?…