6 weeks postpartum check up today. My uterus is back where it should be and for the most part I feel normal. Normal but in a new body. While I’m no stranger to the changes pregnancy makes to your body I was not completely prepared for the changes twins have made. My doctor tells me I am lucky. The incision has healed beautifully and will eventually almost disappear. My twin skin is mild and there’s a very good chance it will go away. I felt really good about myself when I was pregnant, I felt attractive oddly enough. I had confidence. I’ve decided to not let the shape of my body change that. Confidence goes a long way when it comes to beauty. Walking with my head high and shoulders back. I have a lot to feel confident about. I am a good person doing good things. The weight and shape of things will fall into to place soon enough.

The girls had a weight check today and are doing wonderfully. Cora is now 7lbs1oz and Cuba is 6lbs13oz. Not bad at all. They are gaining about an ounce a day-perfectly normal. Exceptional if you think that they were a little more then two weeks early, and are exclusively breastfeed by a mom on a pretty restricted diet.

I took all the kids to their check up, people think I’m insane and or supermom. I prefer the latter but the first is more realistic. I actually heard the word supermom used more then once in reference to me today. I will take that compliment and run. While I’m in no way supermom it’s pretty awesome that some one might put me on such a high pedestal. I’m pretty scattered brain these days…like I make coffee but forget to turn the burner on so it stays warm. I wanted to charge the video camera, got out the charger and thought I had plugged it in. Not so, Ev’s phone charger was also in the outlet and that is what I connected to the camera. It gets worse I didn’t even connect it in the right place; I put in the USB port. Then was really confused as to why the camera didn’t charge. Awesome huh?!? My day is full of moments like this. I’m no supermom but I do have a superhusband!

Oh how I miss chocolate and the taste of regular bread.