36 weeks and 2 days. I’m off any kind of restricted activity and have been given the green light to go nuts…ok not really-but my doc did lift the “must not do anything to cause labor” thing. Two weeks left till the c-section and I honestly bet I’m going to be waddling in on the 20th for it. I’ve got to keep telling myself that- so any notions of them coming early get pushed out of my head. I’m now measuring at 47ish weeks-nice huh?! I’m really amazed I can stand up right.

Lennox starts preschool tomorrow. It also happens to be the first shift I’m scheduled to work in his classroom. Ev is going in my place and I am extremely jealous and yet relieved at the same time. I don’t think I’ll be as good at stepping back as Ev will. You know letting Lennox be there on his own and staying in the background. It would be hard not to involve myself to much with him one on one. I’m hoping since I’ll be missing the first couple of shifts that by the time I do get in the classroom he’ll be comfortable and have his place. That will make it easier for me to step back. It might sound like I’m more worried about myself then him starting preschool and honestly I am. I don’t worry about him. He is so comfortable with himself and doesn’t have a shy bone in his body. He is polite and full of personality. I just know he’s going to make a million friends right away. He’s already planning all the play dates that’ll result from preschool. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day.