I’ve spent the last few months trying not to go into labor. I thought I would be in that mode until the girls were born. I expected to just need more and more help. It’s odd to now to be back to my old ways-cleaning and picking up the boys. You’d think I’d be happy to keep the girls in as long as possible, but as soon as the doctor lifted my restrictions and put me back into regular pregnancy mode I was ready to pop these girls out. My mind immediately started going through all the natural labor starters, and after shampooing the carpet and walking on baker beach yesterday I was actually disappointed to wake up this morning having not gone into labor. Silly huh?! Boy oh boy you should have seen the looks and heard the comments I got walking on the beach, pretty funny stuff. I need to get in my head they’ll be here when they’re ready or by the 20th of September :) . I should be happy being able to carry them this long and extremely proud to make it to 38 weeks. Every mom in the world knows though there comes a time when you are no longer content to be pregnant and just want to get the show on the road. People tell you enjoy the sleep while you can, which I think is pretty funny. At this point no matter how many babies you have in your belly you are not sleeping. You are tossing and turning and getting up to pee every 5 seconds. No sleep. I think my body is having a good time messing with my mind because I have lots of contractions but none stay consistent long enough for me to go to the hospital. With every one I get a new twinge of hope that today might be the day. I guess I’m just not very patient.

Lennox’s first day of preschool went perfectly. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and made lots of new friends. When he and Ev came home we asked him where he would like to go for a special lunch and he said “my school”. I think he liked it there. Ev said he did everything he was supposed and listened to everything his teacher said. Lennox was not the kid with the most energy-which surprised me to hear. He also was not the kid who kept taking his clothes off-also a big surprise. He was polite and while he did have to sit down a few times when his enthusiasm over whelmed him- he managed to keep all of his clothing including shoes on. I think Ev also had a pretty good time being a classroom parent. He was the only dad working this time. He made it out of mommy territory alive not at all traumatized (I’m not very girly). He said all the boys wanted to hold his hand when ever they went any where. I bet the boys thought is was pretty awesome to have a man in the classroom. I know it’s definitely more common today to have classroom dads but I don’t think it’s’ the norm just yet. I’m sure Lennox thought it was pretty neat that all his new friends think his dad is cool. I’m sad I couldn’t be there but am so happy it went well.