In a few short hours we will find out the sex the babies. It’s exciting and sad to think this is it. The last time we’ll do this. These are the last babies we’ll have. While I’m happy, because 4 kids is more then enough for me it’s still bittersweet saying good bye to this time in our lives. We’ll be moving out of the baby making stage on to the kid growing stage. Our family will be complete and we can look forward to school, friends, sports, just watching them all grow and seeing what kind of people they become.

As far as the sex is concerned I will be more then happy with whatever God gives us. We are beyond blessed in the children department and I only hope like all parents that they are healthy. Oddly enough the prospect of having 4 boys really doesn’t scare me. It’s what I know and what we’ve been doing for almost 4 years. It would be chaos at best, but really no different then life now. A girl or dare I say two girls would add a nice balance to our home and I would really like to pass on my woman knowledge-not to mention buying frilly dresses and braiding hair (which I happen to be good at). I guess in the end kids are kids and no matter what you have you are blessed. My life is good, I’m lucky.