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Quiet Christmas night

Well Christmas is almost over. Toys are spread happily through the house, the boys are snuggled sleeping sound in their beds, and Ev is sawing logs on the couch. It is quiet. I get to reflect. It’s been an amazing Christmas. We’ve gone no where and done very little beside enjoy each other’s company. This is the first year since kids that we haven’t gone to grandma and grandpa’s and while I miss both sets immensely having this holiday to ourselves was wonderful. We’ve watched a lot of movies while eating popcorn in a dog pile on the couch. We’ve gone for walks in the dark to look lights in our neighborhood. We baked cookies, had tickle fights and fell asleep in each others arms. Made our own holiday traditions. Now while I’m sure next year will be back to visiting I’m going to be sure to make a little time for just us. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday-much love from mooshoo land.

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