I don’t understand…

Why homeless people have pets.

I worded that wrong, it’s not that I don’t understand why they have them but how they care for them-where do they take them if they get hurt or sick and do they only eat people food? I don’t understand- if they have a hard life why they would subject an animal to it. Yesterday while out and about I saw a homeless man with a puppy on a lesh. And that got me thinking of the numerous other times I’ve seen homeless with pets. I used to pass a woman everyday on my way to work in the city and one day she had a puppy with her-which was with her until she was no longer there-don’t know if she changed spots or what. But when I started seeing the puppy I also started giving her change and food. Normally I am against giving homeless money, but the dog didn’t choose to be homeless(this woman did choose to be homeless). It makes me wonder if they use them for that reason-get more hand outs. It’s just all odd to me living so far outside societal norms. I don’t understand why you would live on the street…I mean I understand all the reasons for ending up on the street-but it seems like esp. here that there are many programs to help get people off the street. Hmmp one of those subjects you can ponder forever.

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