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I’ve been thinking a lot about my last post-discussing it with people around me. Getting different opinions-different angles. My immediate reaction to someone I perceive as homeless with a pet is sadness. Because in my perception they live from hand out to hand out, sleeping on the street. My perception is honestly not a very true to life one. Now remember this is my immediate reaction. I’ve had very limited contact with true homeless people…some that panhandle some that don’t. I know many people are trying very hard and have fallen on hard times, but I don’t think it’s ok to live a life time on the kindness strangers. And getting (not falling on hard times and not wanting to part with fido-getting a brand new little puppy) a pet when you rely on the kindness of strangers is not ok. I know everyone has the right to companionship-but does that right over ride the well being of the companion? This is saying that all panhandlers (people that do not sell, perform or offer anything for the money they receive and I also know there is a difference between panhandlers and homeless) live on the street-and they do not. See in my world- you have not fallen on hard times- if you have a warm bed to sleep in, clothes on your back, food in your belly and even as I write this I am struck by the fact that my idea of what those words mean are very different from someone else. Krista is right when she said “Sometimes, things are not always as they seem”. And mine was just an observation of a life I do not understand. A life very different then mine.

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