Beautiful Moment

I just experienced one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

I put Lennox down to sleep around 8 and he woke up around 10 (which rarely happens these days) Usually if he wakes up we wait a bit and let him put himself back to sleep. This time I didn’t hesitate to get up and check on him. His room was stinky. I picked him up and poor thing was stinky to. So I decided to change him in the dark. As soon as I got his diaper off I could smell the stomach acid – diaper rash 🙁 I called to Evan to bring in the diaper rash cream. As soon as Lennox saw him – his arms flew up. All cleaned up Evan picked him up and I stood up to kiss his head when he reached out and pulled me close and held my shoulder. I stood there for a moment then moved to leave. He freaked out. So back I came and again he reached out, pulled me close. So I put one arm around him and one around Evan and pressed my check to his head. There in the dark the three of us stood swaying as Evan hummed along with ocean sounds crashing softly around us. It really felt like a family and that Lennox understood what that meant. I’m overwhelmed with love for he and Evan as I go to sleep tonight. What a good day!

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