So Ev’s been gone since 2:30 yesterday (it’s now 8:30 Sunday night) when he got on a plane for Portland. It’s just me and the boys -partying like rock stars! Our weekend of crazy fun started with a trip to Target right after dropping Ev off at the airport. We got some chocolate milk, mini oreos and just hung out in the toy section. I figured Bub would miss Ev, but not to the extent that he is. When Ev walked away he started to scream like someone was pulling his arms and legs off. This is where the chocolate milk and toy section came. I thought maybe it would ease the pain a little. It did for a while, but every time he sees or hears a motorcycle it’s right back to Daheee Dahee and tears. It breaks my heart. He’s old enough to understand Ev’s gone but not old enough to understand that he’s coming back. Today we actually went to church-which I’m very proud of-going any where with a 2 year old and a 5 month old is an achievement. Church is the probably the hardest place and that’s with Ev. It went well for about 20 minutes and then we had to go, but atleast I made there. Then we went on an adventure and found a new really cool park-perfect little kid park. It was a nice afternoon and Bub ran his booty off. Right now they’re both sleeping…wooohoo. Now you’d think with as starved for alone time as I’ve been that I would be very excited to have this time-I’m not. I miss Ev immensly. I was very nervous about him being gone, and how I would do on my own. I’m doing just fine other then the missing Ev part. Nothing feels right though and I have this I forgot something feeling all the time. No fun. I’m glad there’s good TV tonight though…enough to last me till I fall asleep.