I haven’t been able to make it to the library yet… but I’ve done some things all on my own. First I thought about what things put me over the edge…

1. Bub whining and squealing
2. Feeling like the house is out of control – lots of laundry and dishes needing me
3. Lack of Sleep

Now what can I do to get rid of, remedy, or make less of these things. ..

1. Bub & I are learning sign language so we can communicate without getting frustrated (he is just beginnning to talk but still gets very frustrated when I can’t read his mind). We’ve already mastered “more” and “food.” :)
2. Do a little everyday… set goals like today I will get the dishes done and put the laundry away. So at the end of the day when the house is a mess atleast I accomplished my daily goals.
3. Work on getting Aid to sleep in his own bed. Which means I must make myself stay awake and put him back in his bed after he eats. This should mean more sleep for both of us.

I have also taken measures to rememdy Aid’s recent fussy streak… no more caffeine – lack of sleep=1 cup (one cup only) coffee = fussy baby; not worth the caffeine! Also no more soda – I have a new addiction.. diet caffeine free pepis. The fizz could mess up his tummy. Same with dairy, so I gave that up too. 2 days without any of those things down and it has made a difference. He’s much less fussy; less crying is always good.

I got to talk to Pip today… Pip is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She and I were pregnant at the same time our boys are 2 months apart. I don’t think I would have made it through my first year of motherhood without our walking talks. She is such an amazing person to have as a friend… so smart and unique, has a huge heart and is an excellent mother. She is just fun to be around and interesting to talk to. I miss her very much! She has entered a new place in life; that is both scary and exciting. I don’t worry about her though because she has gotten to know herself really well and is very insightfull. Life is going to be good to her and take her exciting places – that’s just the kind of person she is :) I just hope some day life brings her closer (geographically) to me again!

Nuwanda had an excellent post recently that I would like to copy…
Quick list of what’s right in the world
Some things I’m grateful for tonight:

Both my boys are happy and in bed by 9pm.
I made it through the day without losing my temper.
Ev finally finished his site redesign-which is amazing by the way :) he’s so talented.
The house is messy because I have a healthy, happy, crazy two year old.
I reached my goals of putting away laundry and doing dishes.
I got to talk to Pip.
My husband also still finds me attractive… even unshowered in a spit up covered shirt.
Pepper is sleeping on one of the good couch pillows and I don’t care. :)