Some Thoughts

I have a marvelous husband…tonight he made dinner then kept the ninos busy while I did the dishes(it’s so nice to wake up to an empty sink) and last night he did the dishes! Of all the house hold chores I like dishes the least. I have found lately that I enjoy cleaning, it makes me feel like I have some control over things. It’s also a great outlet for the joy that caring for a toddler and an infant can bring;)

So in 4 days I will be traveling to Virginia…just me and the monkeys! It’s going to be a huge learning experience…like so far I have learned that yes Ev can help me through security and to the gate with a gate pass. So remember when traveling alone with kids-GATE PASS. I’ve also learned that you can check your stroller at the gate…Plane Side Check In…wooodeewoo for that one! They take it at the gate and you don’t have to cover it or anything and then they give it back right when you get off the plane. So this trip might be a lot easier then I thought…you’ll know in a couple of weeks.

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