Bub has a freckle!!! It’s so cute and little on his arm. There is no doubt that our boys will have freckles because Ev and I are covered with em…really it was just a matter of when and who’s freckles they’ll have. Bub looks like he’s gotten mine :) Which is interesting because I was sure he had Ev’s fair red head skin…but so far he’s got a tan and one of my freckles so I guess I was wrong. His hair was so red when he was born but it’s slowly turned strawberry blonde. I wonder how long it will stay that way. I thought Moe’s hair was brown like mine but in the sunlight it’s a deep reddish brown and we’re still not sure what color his eyes will be. They’re muddy right now which leads me to believe they will be hazel like mine…but you never know they could turn green or a deep blue. Bub’s where bright blue from the get go. I remember wondering what my children would look like while they grew in my tummy and I could never really invision anything. It’s crazy to see how Ev and I combine, what features show up in which kiddo. I always thought too that it would be whole features…like my nose, Ev’s eyes…but it’s not- it’s little bits here and there. Features made up of a combination of our features.