Let’s talk numbers…calories! I think counting calories is the most effective and simple way to lose and maintain a healthy weight. You don’t have to make any really huge changes to your routine, and for the most part can continue to eat what you like. Notice I said for the most part ;) You’ll figure out very quickly there are foods whose calorie to nutrient ratio is not worth it. I’m talking about empty calories, foods full of fat, and processed genetically modified junk.

I started out with a lot of these foods; my focus was completely on calorie content. I lost weight, lots of it; but I felt tired and just plain unhealthy. I realized my relationship with food was changing on many levels. Proper portioning, and getting away from comfort eating wasn’t enough. I needed a well balanced diet, a well balanced diet to go with my well balanced life-ha-ha! I didn’t want to just be thin, I want to be healthy. I started to look closer at what I was eating, realizing I needed more bang for my buck.

Those 100 calorie packs were not doing me any favors, neither was the fake fat free cheese. When you look at the ingredients in these convenience foods, they become not so convenient. So yeah I was tired, feeling sluggish because I wasn’t giving my body any real fuel. I needed to literally get real.

Whole foods are where it’s at! All calories are not created equal. You get more from an apple or banana then you ever could from anything processed or genetically modified. Don’t believe me; replace all your “middle of the grocery store snacks” with whole foods (fruits, veggies, legumes ect.) for one week. I dare you to come back here and tell me you didn’t feel better (and even lost weight). Yeah, you know what – I DARE YOU!