We’ve been in our new house a week today! Oh I love this place, from top to bottom I love it! I just want to give it and the neighborhood a great big hug. The house is a tri-level and we actually have pretty awesome views from every floor. From my very large kitchen window I can watch the sun rise, and from our bedroom window I can watch it set. You can see the mountains all the way around. It backs up to a canal, complete with ducks, geese and trails for walking. Our back fence even has a gate leading out to it.

The yard is the perfect size, just enough grass for playing but not enough for us to go broke watering in the summer. It’s manicured and comes complete with gardener-I love having a gardener! Then beyond our yard are many, many wonderful neighbors. We’ve met a few and so far everyone is really cool. The house to the right of us also has 4 kids 5 and under (and a pool). The house to the left is an older couple-who love kids-but have no grandkids.

I don’t even know where to begin on the inside of this place. For me this is wonderland! It’s beyond spacious with deep closets every where. I have a huge open office (kitchen), with two ovens-TWO ovens! A pantry that easily fits all our food items, a whole cabinet for spices and cook books, and special cabinets for pans and dishes. The dishwasher is large and so extremely quiet you have to stand next to and touch it to know that it’s going. I mean really I have hit the lottery.
We have a formal dining room and a huge living room. Our oversized couches seemed oversized in the last place, here they are a perfect fit. There’s a large brick fire place and windows that run the length of the room. We have a foyer… that makes a 4×6 carpet look small!

Downstairs is a nice little private room Ev’s using for his office (real office). The first of three bathrooms (that’s right THREE) is also down there. It’s a full bath with pretty cool (and I think old) rose fixtures. The faucet knobs are gold roses and everything else has rose ends-even the cabinet door knobs. The laundry room is down there too, in a little nook off the garage. It’s inside and has big cabinets above the washer and dryer. Having an indoor laundry room is awesome!!! The room has a door so it’s super quiet and when the dryer’s going it fills the house with clean clothes smell! There is also a den with a sink and slider to the backyard. Ev’s mom is going to make that her home away from home.

Upstairs are all our bedrooms. The boy’s room is about the same size as it was before and carpeted. It fits all their stuff and works for them. The girl’s room is a bit bigger then before, which is awesome because two cribs don’t fit easily in any space. There’s a full hall bath, and did I mention the tubs are all on the big side in this place. All the kids fit easily in the tub at once. Then there’s the master bedroom, and oh it is a master! It’s gynormous!! Our cal-king looks average in this room, we put a 4×6 rug in front of our bed and it looks small. It’s insane. We have a master bath too, with a double vanity and his and her medicine cabinets! This place blows my mind, and I’m so grateful to call it home! As soon as it’s in better order I’ll take pictures.

Moving was nuts, and I never want to do it again. We handed the keys over for the old place on Wednesday. I don’t think I’ve been happier to see a place go. Not because it was a bad place to live, but the process of moving out and cleaning was overwhelming. We hadn’t planned on leaving the old place so quickly, we made some changes and had to return them to their original state. Just not something I want to repeat if we don’t have to.

The kids are all doing well, haven’t missed a step. Aidan got into preschool, and will start in the fall. We signed Lennox up for kindergarten (you know the one we can see from our house). Cuba’s getting over a sinus infection, but other wise the ladies are doing great. Talking up storms, new words sneaking out every day. They are so busy, and smart. It’s good and bad. It will probably get easier when the house is completely childproof. All and all the things are good in the mooshoo household.