Aidan Lamar Eckard was born this morning at 9:05, June 4th. He weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces (probably more now since he’s eating like a trucker) and 21″ long. Which is odd, because his older brother had the exact same measurements when he was born. He’s a happy bugger, and glad to be out here with the rest of us. Lennox is so intrigued by him, wanting to watch him and talk to him all the time already. Courtney handled the whole thing like a rockstar – she didn’t have any painkillers, and no episiotomy (sp?). I’m so proud of that woman, she’s pretty hardcore.

Pictures will soon follow, once everyone has gotten some sleep in. For those parents out there, you know how it goes. The husbands run soley on coffee and free cereal, and then crash like a 2 year old coming off a sugar high.

- the hubby