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Mall Walking

It’s gotten hot here the last couple of days and it’s rough with no air conditioning so the boys and I decided to head to the mall. We have a really nice one with a playground. So I thought Bub could play and I could get in a walk with out having to worry about heat stroke! My boys were so popular. Bub always amazes people with how social and happy he is. He loves to entertain and be the center of attention. He really likes interacting with the other kids and I feel bad for him because more times then not when he tries to hug them they cry or run away. Another mom sitting near by assured me that he would be just fine, her daughter went through the same thing and is still a very loving person. He cracks me up though…everytime he fell he’d stick his lip out and his arms for someone to help him up and when someone did-oh boy they were now his best friend and he’d run around with them for a while. Then he started to play with these older brothers-who were not very nice…they were shoving eachother and laughing like brothers do and the big one shoved the little one down and Bub was near by watching and ran over to help him up. Then he wanted to play the shove game and little brother shoved him down but just walked away and didn’t help him up. Bub was visibly hurt and got up and ran over to me-he never does that. Sometimes it’s hard to be so considerate 🙁 Then there was the attention Pudge got. First they were amazed that I was out and about not losing my mind…luckily we were having a good morning so looks were very deceiving. It did make me feel good having impressed these other moms. Like atleast from the outside it looks like I’ve got things together and am growing 2 happy healthy boys. Pudge slept the whole time but everyone commented on how big and precious he is…aren’t they all while asleep-haha I thought you’d be singing a different tune if you were with me while trying to get him to sleep last night. I just beamed amongst all the glowing compliments. It makes me want to go out more…Although I also know that today was probably a fluke due to the fact that everyone broke down as soon as we got home-better at home then in public!

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Joy of a few free minutes…

I’ve got a (hopefully) few minutes, just put Bub to bed and Pudge is sitting happy in his bouncy seat. Things have been crazy, good-bad-ugly! What a change another child makes, esp when you’ve already got one under 2. It’s hard being so far away from family. The boys are doing really well though. Bub is sleeping well again and seems to be completely over his transition troubles. We’ve been having pretty smooth days 🙂 Pudge is growing like a weed… poor thing has a yeast infection and a gooky eye-but he’s still so mellow. Boy I don’ t know how these moms with 3 or for 4 kids do it. I’m afraid to go to the store by myself and I only have 2 kids. I have so much respect for them… as they wheel around twin 4 year olds with a new one strapped to their chests. I guess like all things you just get used to it. I remember being nervous about going out with Bub by myself… but I got the hang of it. And honestly I’ve been out a few times alone with them and it hasn’t been bad at all – not bad but not easy either. No more quick run in and grab things. Now everything must be planned out- prepared for – well if I want the outing to go smoothly. I don’t have any funny outing stories here lately either because I haven’t really gone any where – but I’m sure as I get more comfortable and go out more we’ll have lots of silly things happen. The few times we have gone out, I just get lots of commiserating looks, people either know what I’m going through or can only imagine the fun that fills my days. And actually here lately my days have been fun… Bub helps bath Pudge and then takes a bath himself in his tub, then I let him run around naked or just a diapered butt most of the day. We play outside and Bub loves to show Pudge how he can slide and climb. He pushes him in the baby swing and now seems to feel the same urgency I do when Pudge cries. If I’m in another room Bub will come get me and drag me to him. He’s going to be a good brother. Sorry if my thoughts seem in no peticular order… I’ve got mommy brain and I’m trying to write fast.

I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! To my Dad 🙂 I now have to wear glasses and my dad made some for me. Now I can see-WOOOHOO 🙂 I can see street signs before I’m passing them by. No more headaches hopefully. I’ve had them on most of the day today and they are comfortable but it’s odd and Bub is not a big fan (but then he doesn’t like me to put my hair in a pony tail so it doesn’t say much). Soon I’m sure I will forget I have them on. Oh and my mom made Pudge the cutest blanket, it’s soft with silk edging and Cat in the Hat all over it. She made one for Bub when he was born – Snoopy all over it – He sleeps with it every night and drags it around all day. It’s funny he picked it out all by himself. I think he knew who made it and why it was special. I know Aidan will feel the same way about his – Thanks Mom!

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Quiet Moment

Just a quick update…Bub’s watching Barney (brainwasher/cult leader of children and yes I’m still letting him watch-hey if it gives me a few quiet minutes then so be it) and Pudge is sleeping in his swing-yup I have a child that sleeps when you put them down…can’t really get my brain around that one. None the less it gives me a few minutes sorta to myself-so here I am. Things are going well…so far today. Yesterday was a different story. We seem to have either really good days or really bad ones. They seem to alternate pretty regularly though so atleast I don’t have bad ones in a row and can look forward to the next day because I’ve already had a bad one-so that’s good. So for a while I’m sure my posts will be primarly about the transition from one kid to two…mostly because it is all encompassing. My world is all wrapped up in getting through each day alive-Ok so it’s not that bad…but it definitely keeps me busy. It’s hard now because I have one child who is old/independent enough to walk and decide what he wants to eat and what not…but doesn’t talk or really understand sharing just yet. Nor do I think he understands that Pudge is his brother and that means I’m his mom too…he just knows I’m his mom and feels like he should get all my attention. So we have lots of everyone crying at once…which as soon as they are old enough a rule will be inforced that only person can cry at a time. It’s hard when they both cry because that sense of mommy urgency goes off but you can only attend to one at a time. So quickly trying to fix one is made harder by the other crying. I keep thinking though that soon Pudge will be interacting with Bub more and they will entertain eachother and cry less. So yeah this first year will be difficult…but maybe it will pay off and they will be friends/playmates. My whole reasoning for having them so close together. Because it sure would have been easier to have like a 4 year old running around instead of a 22 month old…but then they probably wouldn’t play as well together and would be interested in very different things. It helps too that I have two boys. But I guess to in the end it depends on the kids…they could be a year apart and hate eachother and be 5 years apart and be best friends. I guess we’ll just have to see. OH and I’m trying out nicknames for Aidan so forgive me if they change 🙂

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Week three went really well…mostly due to my mom being here. We had such a good visit, it was hard to let her go home 🙁 Bub loves her so much and she spent so much time with him. He got enough attention to last him a while (but not that long Grandma Diane) I’m starting this week spoiled…my mom helped me so much last week with everything from dishes and laundry to entertaining Bub and Aidan so I could take a bath and paint my toe nails-you moms know how often you get those pleasures. It’s funny the things you take for granted…but I’ve decided that it’s only a short time that they will need and want me like they do-so I should enjoy it. I will have plenty more years to take baths and paint my nails-but it is nice from time to time. We did a lot of fun stuff too-like letting Bub help give Aidan a bath-after which he had to try the tub out himself. She even cleaned yesterday before she left so I’d start today with a clean house. I’m a lucky girl!!!

The boys are doing good…Bub seems to have settled into his role as big brother. He hugs and kisses Aidan-pats his back and talks baby talk to him. It’s really cute he gets really close to his face and babbles in a high pitch voice. Then the other morning I was nursing Aidan and Bub came over sat next to me-lifted his shirt and offered up his ninny(breast). He was ready to give me a break and take over the feeding. This interest in nursing made me a little nervous that he would want to nurse…but he seems to only want to help. He’s become such a big boy-so smart and independent! He even came up to me yesterday with a book open to a picture of a frog and said frog. He’s growing so fast. I think english is just sitting in his head waiting for him to let it out. Aidan is also progressing quickly. He’s awake a lot more now. He focuses and follows your face, and can hold his head up for short periods of time. He’s trying like you wouldnt’ believe to turn over too…and he’s almost got it. He’s our mellow, strong little tank 🙂

I’m adjusting pretty good too…this moving from one kid to two is hard-esp when they are 21 months apart. I’ve had my moments of feeling sad-confused-overwhelmed-breaking down. I think the trick is to know that that is all normal and ok. You are allowed to feel all those things, you’re allowed to cry and go outside and yell. You’re allowed to want/need time away. I’ve also discovered the secret to a good day- is to pay as much attention to Bub as I can. Take every minute that Aidan is sleeping and spend it playing with him. So three weeks into it I think I’m finally getting the hang of things-so now it’s time for them to change the game…