Over It

I’m over being pregnant! Don’t get me wrong I enjoy it…I love feeling Aidan move and the special attention I sometimes get. But I’m ready for this baby to be here. I want to hold and play with him and get this show on the road. I guess I’m just not good at waiting–more of an instant gratification person. Lennox is definitely ready for a sibling. He plays way to well with the dogs…like he’s one of them. Butting heads and biting legs–barking. I’ve had to move him twice while trying to nap on their beds. I’m sure if he could talk he would ask to eat his dinner on floor in the kitchen with them. It?s hard to wait and I think babies should grow in 9 weeks instead of months. Wouldn’t that be nice you could just wake up one morning huge and ready to pop? No waddling around for months and gaining loads of weight. Weight is another reason I’m ready for this to be over…the quicker it’s over the quicker I can get to the breastfeeding weight loss…right?!? Lennox and Aidan will be 21 months apart so I was pregnant before I stopped nursing Lennox, my body hasn’t belong to me since December 2002. Man that sounds like a long time. Isn’t it funny how in Hollywood it’s so fashionable to be a mom….it’s sucks for us normal ladies though…no nutritionist…no chef – no nanny to care for the baby while I work out for 4 hours everyday. I used to think, oh no is Evan going to expect me to lose 65 pounds in 3 months. Then I realized that it was only me putting the pressure on to measure up…measure up to an unrealistic version of myself that will never exist no matter what I do. So I’d like to say that having realized this that I’m now very happy the way I am….but guess what I’m not. Maybe one day…if so far it sounds like I’m a little too preoccupied with my weight, it’s because I am. But that’s this week….

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Welcome to mooshoopork

My first entry of what I hope to be many rants and raves about life. So I’m sitting here thinking of what to write. Typing-backspacing-retyping and all I can think about is the bag of soft baked Pepperidge Farm cookies I bought for Evan and said I wasn’t going to eat. I can think of nothing else… not what happened today or yesterday or even 5 minutes ago… just COOKIES! I give in…walking back from the kitchen-annoyed- I tell Evan I’m opening your cookies. Cookies are the devil! Like most women I would usually sit and think about the cookies/ice cream/chips ect until I gave in – ate them then felt guilty afterward and worried about how fat I was going to get. Well haha I’m already fat being 6 months pregnant and after going to the doctor today and finding out I’ve only gained 11 lbs so far I don’t feel a bit guilty! Oh no wait there it is… GUILT now I must walk an extra half hour tomorrow to make up for the 3 cookies I just ate… errr why do we torture ourselves? Really why?

I just saw the person who inspired this site on ABC World News tonight. Heather Armstrong and her adorable daughter Leta. She is the mastermind behind A friggin hilarious webblog about her life! If by some weird chance you have come upon this site before finding hers… definitely check it out. Anyhow the story was about people losing their jobs because of what they write on the internet. We tuned in and were disappointed at how short it was. (and having to sit through all the other news crap) There sure is a lot going around these days about webblogs… this all new to me and i’ve actually only read 2 and then Both are written well and very funny! I’ve read there are 8,500 people writing webblogs about their children (NY Times) Gesh, so do I still want to do this – be 8,501? Of course I do… because like other sites I’ve been to I won’t only be writing about my children. I will be writing about life from the point of view of a stay at home mom… sure there will be lots of stories about my child soon to be children… but there is also lots of humor in my daily life – enough to share. Maybe someone will relate to my stories like I have related to others… maybe make someone laugh or just smile.

All for now

Ps… I’m also lucky enough to have an extremely talented husband to build and design this site for me!