So I had a false alarm yesterday…thought my water had broken. Turns out there are actually two bags of water, one contains the baby and the other smaller one is just outside and contains a couple of tablespoons of liquid. That’s why they say breaking of the “waters” or stripping the “membranes” and not just water or membrane. It was a very educationally visit. We also found out that I’m 50% effaced and dialted 1&1/2 centimeters. And I still have 2 full weeks left…which for me is great-with Bub I had no progress and was 14 days late. So the fact that things are already in progress is very promising. We got to meet the other doctor in my office-who if on call could deliver Aidan-and he is just as nice as my doctor. They both make me feel very comfortable. I feel really good about delivery this time…like it’s going to be easier then last time and that my doctors will take very good care of me. So hopfully I can keep this positive outlook and everything will be easy! Mind over matter…right?!?!