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Makin Bacon…

Had another doctor apt yesterday, got to listen to the heart beat 🙂 No group b strep for me, so that’s good! I have the nicest doctor, he has a wonderful bedside manner. He seems to really love what he does and the miracle of child birth hasn’t lost any of it’s wonder. We talked about how amazing it is to feel the baby move, and spending time watching and enjoying it. So many people get caught up in the inconveniences and uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy they forget about the amazing thing happening inside them. I spend a lot of time in awe of my belly, always making Ev stop what he’s doing to feel Aidan move or touch what ever body part is poking out at that moment. It’s just amazing to me that there is a little person growing in my belly. I feel very lucky that my body can have babies…not only have babies but have them relatively easily -compared to many woman who have a hard time getting pregnant and very difficult pregnancies. I just feel very blessed.

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