I’m so tired…being pregnant is finally catching up with me. I feel huge and clumsy and the peeing every 3 secs is getting old-literally every 3 secs! I’m hoping that it means Aidan has dropped- that sure would be nice. Not that it really means anything…but atleast things have started. I have a doctor’s apt tomorrow, maybe it will be an exciting visit. Bub and I went and walked around TJ-Max today (I was bored and felt like wondering) I found some pj pants for the hospital. The ones I had from Bub are too big-not that I’m complaining-better too big then too small! TJ-Max has the best suff…I love just walking around and looking at everything. They have cool shoes and bags, house stuff. A little bit of everything in one place. This is possibly the biggest one I’ve ever been too, which made it even more fun to walk around in. Nothing too exciting to talk about today…and haven’t had anything pressing on my mind so I guess I’ll leave you with a passage from “Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much“(Jennifer sent it, wonder if she’s trying to tell me something)…

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels.
-Faith Whittlesey

That’s right! Ginger Rogers was amazingly good at what she did, and so are we. It takes courage for women to acknowledge how good we are at what we do. We are caught up in a strange cultural expectation of having to be simultaneously competent and passive. This often results in a kind of humanity that really is a denial of our expertise.
Also, women who do too much seem to vacillate between exaggerating our compentence and feeling that we are worthless and totally incompetent. This vacillation between extremes is part of the addictive disease.
The real test of courage is being realistic and letting ourselves know that we really are competent at many things.

BEING GOOD at what we do isn’t a curse. It’s a gift that comes from ourselves and from a power greater then ourselves.