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Banking Fun

Ok so amongst my errands today was a stop at the bank…we walk in-there’s a long line. Bub is being sorta patient, you know as much as a 20 month old can be while waiting in line at the bank. Anyway to keep him busy I give him some rasins (he’s been on a throwing tantrum fit for no reason lately) So of course I’m holding him- he gets frustrated for whatever reason and begins angrily discharging hand fulls of rasins at everyone and everything near by. I take the rasins away, which makes him lean around to get at the diaper bag and kick and push away from me. So I turn him and with one hand at an angle from which I had no leverage I smacked his diaper covered buttom-once. He didn’t cry…didn’t stop his quest to retrieve the raisins…was not fazed in any way(usually he laughs at me-but at least it’s a response) He then loses interest and moves on to the next battle.

A few people a head of us is an old lady who turns and says “don’t spank your child, you shouldn’t spank children, How would you like it if I spanked you?”

To which I responded “are you kidding me?, mind your own business”

She then says “don’t spank him again in front of me”

I say “ahh well this is public place so I hope your planning on leaving soon”

I mean really you can’t tell people what to do..that’s like me telling her “don’t breath in front of me”

She counters with first “should we finish this discussion outside” (and yes she did mean thrown down), then “If you do it again I will call the authorities”

My reponse “go right ahead, I’d love to tell them how you walk around threatening pregnant women holding their toddlers”

Then finally a by stander stepped in and told the lady to leave me alone and she actually did. I mean gesh last time I checked it was not child abuse to discipline your children with spanking. And lets not even talk about this woman threatening me with violence because of her difference of opinion …that makes since right?!? I thought all the non spankers were work it out with your words people…not attack strangers people. You can’t walk around and expect the world to do what you say and agree with your way of doing things. As a parent I know better then to give child rearing opinions to other parents..especially ones I don’t know. It’s in bad taste and none of my business. It would definitely be one thing if I was beating the bejebebes out of Bub…but I don’t find anything wrong with a swat on the but when he is being bad. I just hate people that do that…she probably doesn’t even have kids. I’ll tell you though I was ready to thrown down with her…she was lucky not to be in the parking lot once we got out there…I’m sure once Bub was safe in the car her story would have changed. It’s easy to be ugly to someone when you think they can’t defend themselves. Why do people think they can do that? Do they think they are making the world a better place or being the protectors of who ever they think are being mis treated. When really they are just stepping on toes…maybe she should save her tantrums for people who are really mis treating their children. And better know for sure before attacking people. There are enough reasons to doubt your parenting skills without strangers yelling at you in public!

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