Here we are on the brink of another weekend. The days are flying by…half of me is glad ready to have Aidan in my arms-get rid of this endless waiting feeling. Then the other half would like things to slow down just a bit. I want to really enjoy this last little bit of time alone with Bub (which makes me feel bad for Aidan-he will never be the only child) Give him as much love and attention as I can fit in each day! Then there is the thought that this may be my last pregnancy…Ev and I would like to have 4 kids, but the reality of it is- can we afford 4 kids and give them the lives they deserve. I know you can never afford children and there is never “a good time” to have them. I just don’t want to be irresponsible and bring another child into a family where money is already tight…or would become tight. I guess it’s really a bridge we’ll cross long after Aidan arrives. I would love to have a little girl…but my life will be no less amazing if I don’t. I have my niece and Ruby to spoil with girl stuff :) Life is just nuts when you start thinking of having more kids before the current one is even out of the oven…Ok so maybe it’s not life that’s nuts- but me. Ok so here’s another belly picture…
36 weeks
36 Weeks

Amanda loaned me this book “Knocked Up : Confessions of a Hip Mother-to-be”. It was pretty darn funny, a little ridiculous at points-but definitely funny! It’s written like a journal, so I finished it in about 3 days.