Well my oldest dearest friend goes in for her induction tomorrow :) Which is also my birthday and I can’t think of anyone better to share my birthday with. She is scared…but I’m sure she will be just fine. She is one of the strongest people I know. I wish I could be there with her…I’ve always considered her a sister and want to make sure everything goes as good as it can! That and I’m just so excited she’s joining the mommy club and I get to share it with her. So any one who reads this should send positive vibes her way!

I’m in last leg myself…actually packing my hospital bag today (some what). I also washed all the clothes I think Aidan will wear right away and put them away. I’ve got his going home outfits(2 -the weather isn’t always predictable here) washed and in my hospital bag. We are pretty much ready, well as ready as you can be to have a baby ;) Sorry for the short entry…my feet are starting to swell and I need to lay down-joys of pregnancy!