I want to write a book about child rearing…focusing on sleep! I have done my share plus about 18 other peoples share of reading on this subject…and have never found anything helpful. Bub has never been a good sleeper and ended up sleeping with us for the first year of his life because that was the only way any of us got any sleep. We tried everything before giving in to this and nothing worked. All those books and articles tell you don’t let your baby “cry it out”-it’s cruel and you’ll mess them up. So we didn’t. But those wait 5 minutes plans and no cry sleep solutions plans don’t work. The people that say they do were just lucky and figured it was that-that got their kid to sleep. There is no way bub would settle down if I went in when he was crying and talked to him softly and patted his back. Oh no instead he gets more upset and more upset till he’s so upset there is no way he’s going to sleep. We tired rocking and whole nine yards and nothing works…except CRYING IT OUT!! We’ve done it twice now when his routine has gone off track and it only lasts a couple of days until he’s back on schdule. So I know that it works, but it doesn’t make it any less hard to listen to. Breaks my heart every time. So to the reason I’m ranting…While I sit listening to him cry I end up on the computer looking up sleep problems and always end up annoyed by what I find. Why I continue to do it I’ll never know. The thing is…I’m sure I’m not the only parent who’s gone through and is going through this and only ends up frustrated by the advice or lack there of out there. So to any new parents don’t be afraid to let your baby cry, it’s not cruel and you’re not going to mess them up. Now when I say baby I mean 6 months or older…before that point they dont’ sleep through the night (unless you’re really really lucky) and even when they do “sleep through the night” it’s only for 4-5 hours spurts. Anyway…just do what you think is best and don’t read books or surf the web…ask your own moms for advice. Mine have never let me down :)