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Monday fun…we started out the day at the park playing with a little italian athletic prodigy. 2&1/2 years old and able to hit a wiffle ball with a bat. It was quite a sight to see. Bub had so much fun…it was him, Genoa, and Nickel (indian boy). They ran and ran and played follow the leader. It was hilarious, bub being 18 months-Genoa 2&1/2-and Nickel 4 or 5. He so wants to be a big boy…and with his new hair cut he looks the part! Then we played in the backyard and went for a walk. Then something that started exciting but ended rude happened…we found a play structure thing on craigslist (those plastic things little kids can climb on-usually they have a slide) that we could afford and it was actually still available. We had to hurry hurry to get out to the ladies house(at the beginning of traffic time) to “look at it” which to me means-since she posted a picture-we were going to pay for it and pick it up. So excited we pulled up to see some guy loading our play structure in his car-That’s right OUR PLAY STRUCTURE!!! Apparently the guy who bought it was to supposed to have shown up this morning but never did and didn’t call. Which is why she told us it was still there. So knowing we were on our way she sold it any way and didn’t even call(even though she had my cell number). Pretty rude!!!

The Adventures of Piggley Winks…is possibly the cutest show on TV! It’s a cartoon that comes on Sunday mornings on our public broadcast station. So one morning while getting ready for church I was flipping through the channels and a cute farm animal with an irish accent caught my attention. So I watched-not with bub-the entire cartoon. It is hilarious, probably because I love all their accents so much. The main characters are a pig-Piggley, a bull-Ferny, and a mallord-Dannan. They live on Raloo farm in Ireland…so generally its a town full of talking farm animals where sheep are like dogs and everyone but one animal(a sheep from america) has an irish accent. So now I watch it every Sunday morning(bub likes it too)!

My best friend who is pregnant in Florida gets to find out this week when she will be induced(pre eclampsia) and it may actually be on my birthday! How cool is that?!? What a birthday present and her daughter and I will always have a special connection (other then the fact that I’ve know her mom since the beginning of time). Cross your fingers for me 🙂

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