A few weeks ago we had an end of the season party for my son’s T-ball team. I planned the party and chose a local park as our venue. The downside is I had to hang out with our tables till everyone got there…the upside is the park is great. I had no idea how nice it really was, and packed full of people for an early Sunday morning. It’s calm, very peaceful. Instead of dreading this time spent “hanging out” I enjoyed it. I set up the tables, read my bible, and got to catch up on some writing. Right across from me is a group of elderly Asians who have been doing what I can only describe as tai chi aerobics. They are doing it to music; their movements are quick but very fluid and graceful. They did for at least 3 hours. It’s beautiful and inspiring to watch. Not something I would expect to see here in my little local park. I understand why as a culture they live so long, seems like their health priorities are right in order.