I realized something the other day…Evan & I are our children’s first teachers. Ok so I didn’t realize that…but I did realize that the teaching goes beyond the lessons we intentional give. They are learning from us 24 hours a day 7 days week. Every waking moment they are watching and taking in. Which unfortunately leads to some bad lessons, and don’t mean like they were punished for disobeying, nothing like that. I mean I am guilty of unintentionally teaching bad behaviors. Maybe some of my reactions were given before thinking. If I am rude to the people around me, they will be rude. If I am close minded, negative, and judgmental, they will be too. If I always act without ever considering the consequences, they will to. I am not perfect, but I think now that I realize it, I will work harder to be better. Being conscious of these things is so important, because we never stop teaching. We continue to teach them long after they are grown, and I really want the majority of my lessons to be good. I want to give all the tools they need to be successful. One very important one is holding myself to a higher standard, so they will grow up respecting my example and decisions. They will feel secure in me as a resource. I also think for every lesson we teach them, they teach us two or three…always learning!