Resolution…after a rough morning I decided to make cookies for Lennox & I to eat till we puke..which definitely changed the mood :) I was able to turn on some music and sit down and read. It really changed my perspective…I started reading The Parent Soup, A-Z Guide to your Toddler, generally it’s parents asking questions and other parents answering them. I have found it very helpful so far…especially in respect to dealing with Bub’s lack of patience and how he deals with anger and frustration. He gets most of his cues from me and I haven’t been as patient as I could be, nor have I been able to control my anger as much as I should. Yelling and spanking is only getting us so far. I’m going to try and be more patient myself…take time outs and not fly off the handle. It’s easy to let emotions take control! Which I’ve been doing a lot lately-blaming it on pregnancy hormones…No More!!! I have the will to control myself and I’m going to exercise it.

“God, help me endure my blessings”
Parent Soup member CKhunter2