The days seem to be flying by and the weekends move even faster. This weekend was nice we got Ev all to ourselves-no work :) He works so hard and so much and has no idea how much I appreciate it. I feel like I complain too much…I hate the neighbors…the yard’s a mess…we live in the ghetto-truth is the neighbors aren’t that bad and the yard is perfect for the dogs! and we don’t live in the ghetto. We have a really nice place it’s ro0my and in really good shape-beautiful hardwood floors. I have an amazing life because Ev takes such good care of me and the bub. He never tells me no when I want to get something…no matter what our money situation is he says “get whatever you want” It makes me feel like a princess. He is just a really good husband, father and friend. I think I must have done something really good at some point to be so blessed.

Sorry for the mush…but I just felt like letting everyone know how lucky I am.

You know your pregnant….when you pull out all your first childs old clothes, go through them, fold, wash, and organize then fill drawers with them- 2 months before your due date.

I’ve got it all planned out this time (haha) …I’m going to be realistic about what I can accomplish in a day. My goals are to make sure…everyone eats, gets clean, and has clean clothes. Not going go worry about dishes-paper plates all the way baby. Yeah I’ll do laundry but whether or not it makes into closets and drawers is another issue. Toys every where-who cares! The only thing I will do is vacuum-I can’t stand the dog hair building up! Frozen dinners all around…this transition from one to two is going be a breeze…wishful thinking!!