Or lack there of-another new day coming off the pains of another sleepless night. Bub’s sleep problems are starting to wear on Ev and I. It’s very hard to spend the day caring for someone who fights you every step of the way when you’re fully charged-but running on empty makes it darn near impossible. I’ve been thanking God every night that we all made it to the end of the day. Last night Bub woke up screaming at midnight-who knows why. He made it very clear that although he was very tired he was not going back to sleep in his bed. So he came to bed with us again (not a habit Iwant to start-he shared our bed for a year that is long enough) and after a while he stopped screaming and fell asleep. Which was great finally silence…but no sleep for us. Both of us not wanting to move and start the screaming all over again. I’m just at my end, I don’t know what to do. I just keep thinking that Little Bub will be here soon and I need sleep more then ever. If he’s anything like Bub I will spend the first year of his life awake. I feel like I should know what to do-I’m a mom- the knowledge should just be somewhere in my brain, but it’s not. Really why should it be? I’ve never done this before. Every minute with Bub is a new experience, he keeps getting older and the game keeps changing. Is there ever really a time when you do just know what to do? Or is it always luck? Trying different things till something works. The lack of sleep makes me emotional, I cry a lot and have to work very hard not to lose my temper. How many times can you try and teach someone the stove is no place to play before losing your temper?

On a happier note I bought something for Little Bub yesterday! Ev and I decided to give each child an animal- a sorta of theme. Bub’s is a giraffe , so he has lots of random giraffe stuff. Little Bub’s is a zerbra. I haven’t been able to find much until yesterday at Target (gotta love target) They had a few zebra outfits…I bought one that is pants, a oneies, and a hoodie. It’s blue with zebras every where, extremely cute and soft! I want to get the rest of the outfits…they are just so cute!