Catching up

No one told me having a child in school would make time fly so fast. I feel like Lennox started last week and now it’s almost Thanksgiving. The weeks are gone before I even realize they were here. Since the last time I wrote (sadly) so much has happened. We had a great time bowling for Lennox’s birthday. His 6th birthday will be one he remembers! Then we celebrated the girls 2nd birthday with a trip to Build a Bear. Cora chose a bunny we named LaLa and Cuba chose a kitty we named LuLu. Evan helped them pick out the cutest fairy costumes for the new friends. Couldn’t have had two happier little ladies. Then Aidan started preschool. He goes 3 times a week for 2&1/2 hours. He’s really blossomed, made lots of friends and is starting to have play dates. It’s amazing the difference school makes! Or I guess organized activities really.
We also had our first organized sports experience¸ Lennox just finished his first soccer season. We all really enjoyed it, and Lennox made a lot of progress and ended the season one of the best players on the team (not at all biased). It was such a great experience that we signed him up for T-ball. We wouldn’t have known anything about it if our soccer couches weren’t also going to couch T-ball. The couches are pretty awesome, so I’m stoked.

lennoxWe also had our first parent teacher conference. It went wonderfully, left chest high feeling extremely proud of my oldest boy! And if I may Lennox also got his first (of many I’m sure) school award. It was for team work. If you know Lennox at all the only award better suited to him would be empathy towards others. He is a great team player.

cubaHalloween came up fast. We enjoyed trick or treating in our new neighborhood, with another family from church. The kids wore out quick, but had so much fun. Lennox and Aidan were both storm troopers this year. The girls lucked out with handmade Grandma Cindy originals. Possibly the cutest costumes in the history of the world. The girls are obsessed with Tinkerbell (would watch the movies all day every day if they could) so Grandma made them flower fairy costumes. They are so beautiful that instead of letting them play with them now that Halloween is over I’m putting them away as keepsakes-that beautiful!

Soon it will be Thanksgiving and for the first time everyone is coming to us. I’m excited. This year has brought many visits with Eckard clan, and I really enjoy it when every one’s here. The kids have a great time with their cousins and I hope they grow up feeling close. We’ve got lots of good food planned and I’m looking forward to the Macy’s parade, and a house full of family!

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Time sure is flying but you all look so happy! Court, you look fabulous! Please let me know your secret. We should get together after the new year. Happy Holidays!!

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