Today is Lennox’s 6th birthday! It is also his first full day at school. With all the learning they have to do these days there is no longer time for a party during class. Instead he gets to bring a special snack and I get to come in at the end of the day and read a book that we will donate to the classroom in his honor. He also gets to wear a birthday crown and all the kids will sing happy birthday to him at the end of the day. No parties but I think the alternative is pretty awesome. He is over the moon excited, I think more for his first lunch time at school than anything else. The fact that it’s his birthday and his mom is coming in to read is just added bonuses. It’s funny the things that get them excited…lunch at school-weeehaaa! But I guess my memories are from a little bit later in life when lunch time maybe wasn’t always fun. I’m glad that he gets to have such an exciting birthday though; it’s going to go by fast. Especially since right after school we’re going to pick up his best friend and hit up a fancy new bowling alley. This bowling alley is so fancy it has a restaurant…which we will be having dinner at. Lennox doesn’t know it yet but instead of a birthday cake he’s getting an uber ice cream sundae. I don’t think he’ll miss the cake!

The last 6 years have passed in the blink of an eye. One minute I’m a new mom with a sweet little baby boy and then I’m dropping that sweet baby off at kindergarten the next. Lennox is still the sweet baby boy I carried everywhere strapped to my chest in a Bjorn. Although he’s too big to strap to my chest these days but I still manage to hug him super tight every chance I get. I am always amazed with how big and independent his is, and how fast it happened. He used to need me for everything, and now it is him who chooses when I can help. He is an amazing big brother and very good helper. He takes his role in stride and has unending patience with his brother and sisters. I ask a lot of him and he never fails to rise to the challenge. I’m blessed and lucky because of him. Ok now I have to go figure out how to slow down the next 12 years!