Filling in

I’m having the worst time with writing. I don’t have the urge. Probably because the things I would like to write about I can’t –well at least not right now.

Our family’s just been trucking along. The girls are extremely mobile, trying to climb, quick as a flash. They’re into everything and so smart. Communicating with them is easy, they answer yes and no (with a shake of their heads) when I ask questions which makes life so much easier. Life has not gotten easier but it’s definitely more fun. The girls are finally old enough to really play with the boys. They love them and follow them every where, visa versa. Cora pats the boys when they cry and Cuba begs for kisses from Aidan. I can only hope their relationship only continues to grow in this direction. If it does they will be a close knit group.

The boys are growing and changing almost as much as the girls. Aidan has grown into his own person. He is very smart, but very stubborn…or maybe hardheaded is a better way to say it. He tests the waters with every step. It’s hard to walk the line with him, give him space to grow and learn but not break his amazing spirit. He is ready to go to school, ready for friends, and his own things. I expect a lot from him and have to remind myself he’s only 3 after all. He always exceeds my expectations, so it makes it hard to remember.

Lennox is thriving. He loves school, he even loves speech therapy. He is enjoying his 5 year old life to the fullest. We’ve been looking more into his speech difficulties and are now for sure he does not have apraxia. He had a neurological evaluation which resulted in an expressive language diagnosis. It’s pretty broad, but something he will grow out of with therapy. Good news all the way around. It’s amazing how much patience he has, he never seems to get frustrated with our lack of understanding him. He just keeps trying till we get it. He’s an amazing kid. So social, everyone who meets him-loves him. He will never be lacking in the friend dept!

We had an awesome Halloween (I know I’m behind). We did everything you possible could to celebrate, visited a real pumpkin patch, attended several parties and festivals, then topped it all off with trick or treating. We still have loads of candy 

Thanksgiving was also really nice. It was quiet, and Ev’s folks joined us for dinner. We had a nice visit, filled with lots of Wii Mario Kart extravaganzas. Grandma Cindy is pretty awesome with the Wii. She gives the boys a run for their money. The day after Thanksgiving we drove out to a real tree farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The last part of the drive was a little nerve racking for me…little curvy road on the side of a mountain (little fear of heights). It was cold, foggy and beautiful. A wonderful experience, the boys running through the trees and finding just the right one-which took all of 5 minutes. So many people there were tailgating-awesome idea for next year. Visiting the tree farm is something I would like to do every year. We even picked up the best burning and nicest smelling firewood I’ve ever had. It was so great I was almost willing to drive back up there to get more…

So now we have our real tree farm tree, decorated and gated for its protection, happily the center of attention in our living room. I’m almost ready for Christmas, got the extended family set and half the kids stuff bought and hidden away. Christmas cards done and waiting for photos. I feel pretty on top of things this year. Now I just need to find something to wear to Ev’s holiday party…jeans or not jeans that is the question.

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