Today started out really great…I was getting mad amounts of cleaning done, the sun was out and Bub was happily playing by himself! Then the door bell rang 2 or 3 times, and then excited knocking. It was our neighbor coming by to tell me my dogs were in her yard. Well great, how in the world did they get in over there…our wonderful marvelous Turkey dug a hole and when he couldn’t dig any deeper decided to chew the fence up high enough for he and pepper to get through. Apparently there are wonders beyond my comprehension next door and they desperatly needed to get to them. The really fun part was when her back door opened and it was me they saw…complete confusion. Well this small snafu sends me into an emotional whirlwind. First I’m mad-really really mad!!! Ready to take both dogs to the pound mad…which quickly turns into depression. I’m a bad dog mom depression, they were trying to escape because we dont’ take good enough care of them depression. I cry. I clean. Then I talk Evan who quickly makes me feel better…no more depression. Now I’m overwhelmed by love and the need to give the dogs biscuits and teach them tricks. Hormones sure do make you do crazy things…you can be a perfectly sensible person sitting inside a crazy person watching with no control as they lose their mind.