I HATE ONLINE POKER SPAM!! Boy those guys drive me nuts…I just spent the last half hour deleting all the spam comments on every single one of my posts. It’s just so rude to comment spam in a post written about a special family momment. I know they don’t read the posts and do all the spaming in bulk…but it’s still rude!

Had another doctor visit today…and everything is A Ok :) Aidan’s heart beat sounded big and loud today and we got to listen for a few minutes which was nice. Really brightened my day. Then we got Jack n Box and rented movies-just what I needed! No more funk for me (well atleast for a few days) We just watched Final Cut, good movie-kinda left you hanging-but a good flick (as Evan would say). Lennox went to bed really early tonight, I think he’s growing again. I’m actually pretty happy he’s out early, he hasn’t been the most fun today…you know some days are just like that. Now I’m just going to sit down in front of another movie and fill out my hospital registration forms :) Yeehee!! Yup it’s that time. Boy it feels so close and yet so far away.

Ps..I just love the new lime coke commercial! Put the lime in the coconut and ya drink em both up…I love that-it cracks me up