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The Great Toy Sort

I decided to do something insane. Feeling completely over taken by toys I decided it was time to sort through them, scale down and re-organize. 4 days later I’m done. I didn’t do it to the extent that I wanted to but it’s done. Have you ever tried to sort toys with a two preschoolers and two infants? It would have been much more fun to put my hand in a waffle iron for four days. All momentary break downs aside I’m sitting in a toy free living room. Was it worth it…OH YEAH!

Took Aid to the doc today. He’s got an interesting rash all over his torso that turns out to just be a virus. The rash shows up towards the end once he’s no longer contagious. This is fun because I didn’t know he had a virus to begin with. Will we all get it….hmmp… ummm yeah probably. Luckily (if I go by Aid) it shouldn’t be bad if it does hit the rest of us. But gesh louise, I call uncle already. No more viruses, bugs, or illnesses are allowed to pass through my house. I think we’ve had enough to last us at least 3 years.

In case you missed it in the last post, the girls are being featured over at TwinSights! Go check it out.

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