Today was a good day. It didn’t start out that way. Lately when we get up the girls are happy and sit content in bouncy seats while I feed the boys and do my morning stuff. This morning they woke up screaming-in stereo. I changed diapers, sang songs, even brought in the brothers but nothing but time changed their mood. After that rocky start the rest of the day went surprisingly well.

The girls, Aidan and I got Lennox to school no problem and even stopped at the grocery store on the way home. We got in and out easily-that’s right EASILY! The girls slept and Aidan happily trotted a long side the stroller. Then we came home and the girls stayed asleep, which allowed me some one on one time with Aidan (awesome).

The positive pace stayed through the afternoon. The boys played outside while I straightened the house a little. I’m such a cool mom that I had hot cocoa waiting for them when they came in. They like hot cocoa. Then we all went for a walk and gathered some leaves, which we brought home and pressed in wax paper. The boys thought that was pretty awesome. No TV, lots of crafts, lots of giggling.

Then I made a good dinner (one handed) that Lennox actually ate with no prompting or bartering. Evan gave the boys a bath. The girls went to sleep and I got to put Aidan to sleep (something I love to do). It gets better…the girls stayed asleep long enough for me to clean up the kitchen, ride the stationary bike and do some exercises.

It’s been a wonderful day. Nothing really exciting or extremely special, just a day that ended with everyone feeling happy, and loved. Today I was a success.