Thanksgiving went pretty dang well. With Ev’s help not only did I cook our modest meal but cleaned two bathrooms, washed the kitchen floor, and all the dishes from our little feast. The only glitch in our day was when I set down plates full of turkey, mashed potatoes, and peas in front of the boys the reaction I got was not what I expected. Instead of “mmm mommy what I wonderful meal” I got “ewwww” in stereo. What exactly is ewww about mashed potatoes? So my boys had peanut butter honey sandwiches with a side of sliced bananas (that they decided not to eat because they were sliced)for Thanksgiving dinner. Oh the dinner they missed out on. There are few things better then turkey with pan gravy, mashed potatoes, and peas-pretty much a prefect meal.

So you may be wondering why such a simple Thanksgiving dinner…well the first reason is we have 2 month old twins, and it was only us for dinner. My diet restrictions also played a role, no dairy, so no green bean casserole. I didn’t really miss it though. I think I may shelve that recipe for a while. It’s time for a change, next year’s Thanksgiving I’m going to leave the comfort of my traditional recipes. Venture out into the millions of new and exciting possibilities.