They’re here!

Cuba Faye and Cora Kensley made their debut Sunday September 16th. Cuba joined us first at 1:56pm followed by her sister 2 minutes later. Cuba weighed 5lbs 12ozs and is 18.75 inches. Cora weighed 6lbs and is 19 inches long. They did some aerobics Saturday night and poked a small hole in one the sacs. I didn’t notice the leak until we were sitting in Church Sunday morning. After a quick call to my doc we headed on over to the hospital where they confirmed that I was leaking and got me all set up for delivery. C-sections are quick, organized and neat. I had no time to really get nervous and literally before I knew it I was settled in the recovery room tandem nursing for the first time. The girls are doing excellent. I am doing excellent. We all even got to come home a day early. I will write more soon. For now here they are…


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