Another week down and one more to go. Yesterday was filled with doctor appointments that all went extremely well. The girls passed the NST no problem and I’m measuring at 47 weeks. We checked their positions one last time, transverse and breech. Their fluid levels are good and they’re just happy little campers. I on the other hand am so tired I don’t even know how to describe it. Huge just doesn’t do justice to the size of my belly. Sleep is a thing of the past and I’ve made peace with that. It will be much easier to be without sleep when it’s because I’m taking care of the girls and not just because I’m so uncomfortable. Next Thursday seems so far away and so soon all at once. It finally dawned on me that this is it…my last Friday as the mother of two…last Friday pregnant (no more babies). Yesterday was my last prenatal visit. Thinking about it like that makes Thursday not seem so far. Ev’s folks are here and they said “let’s treat this like a vacation that ends on Thursday” and I really like that idea. Makes it seem fun. I told my doctor this and he laughed and added that it’s a vacation that has a really good chance of Hurricane warning cutting it short. He’s still not convinced I’ll make it. I on the other hand feel pretty secure in the girls not coming until they have no choice. I feel secure because I have shampooed carpets, cleaned bathrooms, walked on the beach, shopped all day several days in a row-including a complete IKEA trip today. None of these things have worked (so far). I was hoping that all the walking would make up for the girls being breech and transverse. No little heads pressing on my cervix helping it on its way. While I am thoroughly uncomfortable I am extremely happy that the girls will have stayed in as long as they possibly could. Two chubby healthy babies.
Lennox finished his first full week of preschool and he is worn out. He’s done excellent and I even got a compliment from another mom. She worked in the class on Wednesday and made it a point to tell me how much she enjoyed working with him. She said he has a lot of energy but is fun and gets all his work done. She told me he listens and does what he’s told. Boy oh boy is that good to hear. I wonder how he does there on his own and hope that he is good and getting everything he can out of the experience. He’s getting so big so fast.