Non-stress tests are no fun…I had my first one yesterday. They are supposed to last 30 minutes to an hour depending on how the babies corporate. The girls did great giving the nursing resting and active heart beats on command. What didn’t corporate was my uterus. I started having contractions 6 minutes apart that at first I could feel but weren’t what I would define as painful-but contractions none the less. So they called the doctor, put in an IV of fluids and took urine and blood samples-then we wait. Wait and wait for the doctor to come check me. The contractions didn’t let up and started to get painful. I’m guessing the doc got tied up some where because nurses came in and did a Fetal fibronectin test-with no lub-fun! Then followed it up with by checking my cervix (still closed weehaa). They were unsure about doing this because poking around down there can cause preterm labor or if you’re in preterm labor it can kick it into gear. Shortly after this the doc shows up and checks my cervix herself and tells me there’s a chance I could be staying the night and that she’s putting my on Nifedipine-a drug that makes you jumpy and gives you a headache-but also stops contractions. They had me take it three times and luckily for me my contractions backed off. By this time the doc and nurses had gone over my test results and decided there’s a good chance I don’t have to stay the night. I just have to wait for the doc to come check me again. Well round about 7pm the nurse comes in tells me the doc is tied up again and won’t be able to come check me. So I’m thinking great I’m definitely going to have to stay the night, but no they are sending me home! Thank Goodness!!! And not with any more Nifedipine-not a fan of that stuff. All my tests came back good and the fibronectin negative. During all this every single nurse commented on how good the girls are, no worries about them. In all my first non-stress test lasted 9 hours. That part of it sucked but every single nurse I met in the course of the day was extremely nice and made sure I was very comfortable. It has also been an extremely successful wake up call that I have to slow down-really slow down. That and the girls could come any day, that’s how far we are now. It’s just insane. So everyone cross your fingers for me and say a prayer here and there that yesterday was a fluke I’ll make it to my c-section date.