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Rules of Engagement

I had the weirdest dream last night! I went into early labor(a month early) and I could feel everything-it was very vivid. And both our families showed up immediately without us calling them and along with our families were all these random people…and I was upset because I wanted it to just be me and Evan this time. And we were in this weird house that the doctor came to and then it turned into a hospital. It was one of those dreams that you wake up and go back into…it seemed like I had it all night long. I’ve never had a dream like this before. With Lennox I used to dream that I gave birth and then the hospital would try and give me a toddler instead of my newborn or that someone took him and we had to go find him. But I guess then I didn’t know what labor was like -boy does my brain remember all the gory details.

A funny thing happened at our daily park visit yesterday…we were playing having a good time when everything went silent-no mommy chatter, no kids screaming, not even a bird chirping! I look up to a see a Father about to enter with his 2 or 3 year old who was holding a wiffle bat. That’s right a wiffle bat at the playground in the hands of a toddler! I ‘m sure there is some unspoken rule of playground etiquette that says Thou Shalt Not Let Thy Child Bring a weapon disguised as a toy. I’m not a big fan of toys at the park any how (but that’s another post) The dad looked a little bewildered at the reaction of all the moms…but little did he know the chaos that was about ensue. We now had amongst all the buckets, shovels, and sand trucks a WIFFLE BAT. Something most of these little ones are not allowed to play with yet. It became the most coveted item there. The children surrounded the boy like vulchers and the war began. The playground was no longer a place of innocent fun…it was a battle ground. Children would snatch the bat and wack the kid who was just holding it and so on – until everyone was crying. Finally the dad got wise and put the bat away and things went back to normal (after a lot of shaking from withdrawl). So folks the moral of the story is… If your kid is under 5 don’t let them brings toys to the park (short of sand toys) They don’t know how to share and will inevitably drop it or set it down long enough for some other kid to pick it up- at which point a tug of war will begin that ends with no one really being happy. Let’s keep the playground a fun stress free place 🙂

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