25 weeks today…I had my last monthly prenatal check up and am now moving on to every two weeks. Weeehaaa the home stretch is in sight. Two weeks from yesterday I have another ultra sound-I cannot wait. Scouring the web I’ve come across a few twin blogs, some pregnant now and some already comfortable in life with their kiddos. One common thing in all these blogs is they know a lot more about their babies then I do. Their babies’ weights and percentiles, a lot talk about cervix lengths and what not. So far I know that I’m measuring 33 weeks (I’m 25 weeks) and that’s normal. All my tests are normal, my weight is good and well that’s it. Which I am completely thankful for but I am so looking forward to getting a bit more info when it comes to the girls. It will be marvelous to know how big they are and see them again. A good bit of time has past since the last time we saw them, much more baby then aliens.

There isn’t much when it comes to information about multiple pregnancies, definitely nothing like the wealth for singles. I wish there was a “What to expect when you’re expecting”-for multiples. Ya know, all the nice pictures and each month with what your babies are doing and what your body is doing-what’s normal-what’s not. Just simple, multiple pregnancy for dummies.

Really for the most part it hasn’t been too totally different from my first two single pregnancies. It seems silly but it’s really like pregnancy times two…twice as hungry…twice as big…twice as fast…twice as uncomfortable. I have had one new symptom thrown in the mix, spider and varicose veins. They’re not so much fun esp. when you start getting them in interesting places that make you cry. Luckily for me while they are itchy, and sometimes painful, they are temporary. Thank goodness, and really if these are my worst symptoms I don’t have much to complain about. Although it is hard sometimes not to get caught up in the very small negative aspects of pregnancy. I forget here and there what a miracle is happening in me.